Why are you called White Elephant?

A white elephant is, “a possession which its owner cannot dispose of and whose cost, particularly that of maintenance, is out of proportion to its usefulness.” Colonialism and plunder are the ultimate white elephants.

Also, there’s an elephant in the room during every training program: white folks.

It’s also an explicit reference to the Denver White Elephants. Their ball caps just said, “WE,” an ever-present reminder to think in terms of WE not i/me.

What do you do?

We disrupt anti-blackness thru a psycho-therapeutic-informed approach to organizational change that asks white people to confront psycho-social contradictions between intent/impact, activity/outcome, listening/talking, and freedom/colonization.  

What does that mean?

It means that organizations invested in disrupting white supremacy pay us to help their employees unlearn racism.

We do that faster and better than anybody else by using the concept of a Race Sprint: a 6-month commitment to jump-starting an anti-racist culture within your predominately white organization.

Why should we hire you?

Because you believe that helping your employees unlearn racism is the greatest gift that you can give them and the world.

Because you believe that white folks have a responsibility to meaningfully unlearn racism.

Because you believe that race itself is cognitive distortion that harms everyone.

Why shouldn’t we hire you?

Good question. You shouldn’t hire us if you’re interested in spending the minimum amount of time checking boxes or if you’re not willing to take feedback. In the course of our work, we try not to judge people, but systems. If you don’t like going in for an annual physical, we’re not for you. But if you like seeing your blind spots, we’re your people.

How do you deliver reports and findings?

We manage client communication in Basecamp. Asynchronous communication, trying to adhere to the Basecamp’s 30-item best practices list here. We start delivering meaningful insights just as soon as you hire us‚ÄĒ the way that your company selects a consultant like us says a lot about who you are as an organization already.

We were honest with you, now it’s your turn. ūüėČ